MERE TRUTH by Electin
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- It will hurt your feelings

You can always deny your stupidity, just to prove how indescribably stupid you are.

This time, I`am taking a look on your mind-blowing ilvl obsession.

You are results of processes that took over 13 billion years, you are the only being that is capable of complex thinking ( that we know as of yet ), however, when you start playing World of Warcraft, then you willingly devolve yourselves to some sort of mental stage "Before the Apes".

Lets face facts for a moment, iLvL will not take in the account:
- Skill, Reliability, Mental competence & actual performance
- Gems, Enchants, Itemization, Reforge, Quality of Meta gem
- Armor class, PvP or PvE items, Trinkets(& their procs)
- Hit / Expertise & other stats caps or priority
- Choice of proper talents or glyphs

You should also realize that iLvL plays the least role in all your wipes and fails, because if some group can kill a boss, without any issues in a raid that has 800k raid DPS & other group cannot kill it, even when they have double that damage, than the gear is not to blame.

More overgear you ask for = more pathetic you are.
You can & you will naturally deny that fact, because you are simply unaware of your stupidity....


If you are very very stupid, how can you possibly realize that you are very very stupid.
You would have to be relatively intelligent to realize how stupid you are.

In order to know how good you are at something, requires exactly same skills as it does to be good at that thing in the first place.

Regards, Electin
The most hated person in the community.

Hans Zimmer - Are You Listening, Clark?
The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home
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