Taximan 1 The Trailer - Relentless Gladiator(2900 3s) Resto Druid on 3.3.5 by Taximan
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Taximan's Arena Team 1
Taximan Twuits James
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Hi people!
I'm Taximan and this is the trailer for my upcoming movie that will contain Restoration Druid in 3v3. It has been a dream of mine to release a movie since I started playing WoW all the way back in 2005 and now I finally have a computer that is good enough to record with!

Who am I?
On retail I played under the name Tårtan on Tarren Mill and I was a multiple Gladiator. I quit retail with the release of Cataclysm. Since February 2013 I have played actively on under the name Taximan. I have played in the last three tournaments with my teammates James and Twuits. Together we have achieved 2924 in 3v3 and Relentless Gladiator.

I used material from 20 games of MLD. The full movie will contain a larger variety of footage and since I just recently started learning Sony Vegas my editing will hopefully have improved by the time I release the full movie. I plan on including games with Skype, cool tricks and clips where I'm being trained etc. I'm also working on a priest movie so stay tuned for that aswell!

Recorded with OBS(1080p and 60 FPS) and edited in Sony Vegas 11.

Added a youtube link: Will be adding more clips on the channel!

Hearts of Courage - Thomas Bergersen

Check out my teammate James's movie:

All feedback is greatly appreciated. What would you like to see in the full movie and what should I aim to avoid? Leave your comment below.

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