Multiglad Hunter/Warrior - Primedouche 1 by Primedouche
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Grim Batol ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Primedouche's Arena Team 1
Primedouche Dreasus
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What to expect?
-Great content! 1900-2200 2vs2 from a 2 dps team's perspective. Fast-paced, interesting fights with both victories and DEFEATS! No roflstomping against awful enemies and stuff...
-Outstanding music choices, tried to avoid the overused song's
-Decent enemies: Mostly duelists, a few gladiators and a few 2k
-Mistakes! While there are some great scenes to showoff skill, this movie is about entertaining. When everything works out for us and we play perfectly, the game tends to be boring
-No skype involved, only text commentary to make the movie more enjoyable!
-Moderate editing

About us:
I'm Primedouche, a 7x season glad retired pvp hero (s1,s3-s8). I have been playing together with Dreasus since s3. In my primetime i had multiple shots to get r1, all ended in failure. Returned to the game a few month's ago, focusing on fun at the moment, which takes form in 2vs2. While the bracket might be a little f..cked up, it prooves to be still entertaining. This is my first movie, so im open for constructive criticism, but overall I am more than satisfied with the result!

In case you wanna follow us on stream:

And finally a youtube link (full hd) :
Hd quality should be available on WCM, please use that one! Full HD on youtube!

About enemy team's ratings: Mostly i highlighted their 3vs3 rating, since 2vs2 is being neglected. If i couldn't find any, i showed their 2vs2 mmr.
About my UI: PowerAura is responsible for the big icons popping up on the screen, showing both my proc's and the enemy cd's being used. JSHB is the hunterbar and Spellalerter show's who's getting cc'ed...
P.S. I'm not french :)
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