Gotflames' totally serious PvP shenanigans by GotFlames
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Steamwheedle Cartel ( Ruin )
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Movie Summary
Note: This movie was made for entertainment purposes. Very little skill will be found here. What you can expect instead are unnecessarily long and completely irrelevant cutscenes, pandas, holy paladins spamming Denounce, glowing dwarves and all manner of music genres. That is all, proceed.

List of songs for the lazy buggers who missed them during the movie:
Story of the Year - Won Threw Ate
The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk
Pegboard Nerds feat. Elizaveta - Hero

Uploader's diary: It's been around nine years since I saw Pat PvP and Swifty's incredible warrior tricks. Ever since I've had a minor dream (for lack of a better word) of releasing a PvP movie of my own. Many a time have I attempted, in every single expansion, but to no avail. You who are reading this at the moment, you can't even imagine the kind of relief I felt after rendering the movie for the last time, watching it, and being moderately satisfied. Feels like a massive boulder's been raised off my shoulders. I've given my part back to the WCM community, and it feels fantastic. Even though the quality is lacking, and quite honestly I can spot a ton of beginners flaws in the gameplay, writing and the editing, I feel satisfied. I'm done. I thank you for watching, and for reading this far. Unless you didn't, in which case you're a giant dick. Peace out.

Reupload notes: Well, it took several reuploads, a bunch of errors, around 30 hours spent with the WCM uploader, around four weeks of waiting for customer support replies and the movie being deleted twice, but we're finally here. The WCM link is finally working as intended, but we lost around 70k views and an amazing comments section (including one from Hansol himself, the OG swag fire mage). So apologies to all the lost comments, ratings etc. We love you WCM, but you can be quite the dick sometimes.

Special thanks:
Hansol - For being the reason I started playing a fire mage. Check him out on YouTube, he's cray cray.
Bajheera - For being the OG dragon daddy. Charred alliance scum for the dragonlings, coming right up.
Fallen - For coming up with most of the "Hero" scene
Snugglybutt - For having the bestest name of all time, ever
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