MM Hunter 5.4 BG- PvP Changes in Warlords of Draenor by HeroicField
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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In this video am I going to be talking about some of the significant PvP changes, blizzard has mentioned in their notes for Warlords of Draenor - Keep in mind Warlords of Draenor is still in an early alpha state, so there's a good chance a bunch of the information I give you in this video will change. Besides that, do I think WoD, will be a good expansion for the pvp community, because as we all know, Mists of Pandaria, hasn't given the pvp community much love, hopefully we will see some of the love return in WoD

One thing I forgot about in the video, is that blizzard implements a whole new UI system for PvP in Warlords of Draenor. Most noticeable thing, is the "Score" where it combines your damage done, killing blows (all that kind of stuff) and gives you an idea of your "Skills" in that BG. Which will make it easier for people to see how well they do in bg's (and healers gets a chance to get honored for their support on the field) - Also some minor changes to the UI system, blizzard is basically trying to make it cleaner while giving you more information about objectives, and other good to know stuff, in real time.

See how your class is going to be effected here - (Just keep in mind it's most likely to change, (can't say that enough))

Wanna ask a question? (answered the most down below, make sure to read it before you go comment):
Q- How many videos would you likely be upload for the next couple of months?
A- It depends if you like these kinds of videos, if you do, I'll be most likely to stick to my primarily schedule, and upload even more when the school goes off. If you "Hate" these types of video, I'll be most likely to maybe upload one more or so.
Q- When do you upload your next "Getting better at the arena"?
A- I'm working on it, in between videos, again it's one of those videos which require a lot of work - Don't expect to see the next before after the examinations are over. - (I should start prerecord a couple of episodes when i start a new series)
Q- Go play this or that game
A- Sure just tell me, and I'll figure out how I can make some hopefully entertaining videos from that game.
Q- Do you come with a Hunter PvP guide?
A- Probably someday, right now I'm still in the gearing up/ learning phase - must know my class before I can teach others how to play it as effectively as possible.
Q- Why is it only 720p?
A- I'm now using another recorder, which doesn't take up as much cpu. - But I'm uploading in a higher bitrate, so even though it's 720p, will the video look more crisp than my usual videos. - I'm saving up to a new higher RPM harddrive (maybe even a SSD) so I can record in 1080p again.

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Keep in mind I'm not a native English speaker, so don't expect perfect English.
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