Something Different by Sonu
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tanaris ( Nightfall )
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So this movie took just under a month to get footage for. It's all bg's and to be perfectly honest getting good stuff in bgs is borderline impossible. Someone always helps either me or the other people and things just get out of hand. But what I gathered I am proud of, I don't like all the arena movie's coming out of people just taking their twitch vod's and putting in crappy music and calling it good. I had fun recording and producing this video. Hopefully it is at least 1/4 as fun to watch. I tried not to go crazy with editing, I wanted to keep it simple. If I can inspire even one person that watches this video to get on there hunter and play some music and go bg then I consider this video a success. I love the wcm community and I try my hardest to make shit worth watching. Thanks for any comments/feedback, If you liked it let me know or.... ya know.... feedback. Thanks.


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-No Arena
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