Mage solo - Firelands 10 man (4 Heroic + 2 Normal) by Araitik
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Hyjal ( Cataclysme )
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Movie Summary
One of my favorite raids : Firelands !

First of all, some informations. First, some of these kills were recorded months ago back in November, hence the chance in gear and UI for some kills. Second, Ragnaros was already killed by (at least) two mages before me, it's in this video because I like the boss. Third, yes Baleroc is a bug exploit, known for more than a year and never fixed. Explanation will follow.
Last, Alysrazor is not there because 25HM has been soloable for a year. Check my channel :)

Now, the bosses !

0:00 : Beth'thilac Heroic. Nothing much to say, except that Beth'tilac hits really hard and you can't Iceblock Smoldering Devastation, so be sure to have high enough HP. Unequip and re-equip your PBoI, start a stopwatch and pull at 1:30, so it will proc on the boss not the spiders.
2:19 : Shannox Heroic. A complete joke with Alysrazor's buff, killed in a matter of seconds.
3:13 : Lord Rhyolith Heroic : Quite easy, just AoE / Multidot the adds.
6:46 : Baleroc Heroic. Nothing much about the boss except that he hits for insane amounts. But HOW do I crit for 31 millions damage ? First, notice I pull Baleroc with Alysrazor's buffs (+75% crit and +200% haste). That allows me to have insane healing through the Jugg trinket, but that's not the bug. I also got several "hearth" debuffs on me, these are from the birds adds from the encounter. It increases your damage done by 1000% but (normally) only on this specific add, nothing else. The bug is that during his Inferno Blade, Baleroc ALSO takes 1000% more damage, hence the insane crit. This works with every class.
8:12 : Majordomo Staghelm Normal. Not hard but you need very high ilvl to kill him. He hits really hard and fast, summons adds that hit as hard as him and leaps to you so you can't really kite him. Use a full dps setup (no healing trinket) and blow everything on cooldown. Keep an Inferno Blast to kill the first add as fast as possible, then kite.
9:35 : Ragnaros Normal. Spec frost, put your pet in melee range and stay at good distance : you win. Your pet got twice your armor so he can tank the boss quite easily, given that you heal him. When your pet dies, go melee, summon another one, rinse and repeat. Iceblock both transitions, avoid everything and you're good.

Enjoy ! :)

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