Instant Ress Macro by Kettu
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Ghostlands ( Retaliation )
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Movie Summary
Adventures of Kettu 3 - Instant Ress Macro


1. Exploring IoC RBG Leader Island
2. Getting out of starting area (Isle of Conquest)
3. Exploring IoC GM Island
4. How to: LM Roof (Arathi Basin)
5. Instant Ress Macro
6. Out of Bounds (Alterac Valley)

If you're here just for the macro, it's featured at 2:40 and can be found from my Youtube Channel:

Please don't use it too much cause it's kind of unfair, and plz don't spread it too much - Enjoy!


I've also released the One-Button 2.4k arena rating macro for those whom are interested.

One-Button 2.4k Gameplay:
Hunter 1v15 SOTA:
Best Hunter in the World:
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