A chronicle of old - WarCraft III by Pharaoh_
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This is part of a story that I am creating, which does not involve World of Warcraft lore, but is and will be created on Blizzard Editors (World and Galaxy editors respectively).

This particular video is a short introduction, I mainly wanted to convince myself to work further on the story. You will therefore not see a lot of revealing elements, but I am now working on the StarCraft II engine to get it more vivid and present basic story features.

In the end, it will come as a sequence of videos, each filling the story of the previous. Even for a 2-minute video, it involves a lot of work and the upcoming videos will be much more complex and fancy (mainly due to the quality of the models, lighting and graphics overall).

I hope you like it! You can contact me on Skype or YouTube (Aris Michael on YouTube); for SkypeID, send me a private message.

Thank you a lot for watching!

I want to thank Hiveworkshop.com, xgm.guru and wc3-maps.ru for their precious support and resources.

Credits for the music are listed on the YouTube video.

Finally, Uzbeki, for his great help!
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