Instant Battleground Resurrection, Instant Raid/Dungeon Resurrection exploit by Leniox
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Hey guys, sorry for the late video. I've been playing the game some and done a little exploiting but most of the bugs I have found are complex and require a lot of time. Hopefully this will tie ya over for a the next 2-3 weeks.


1. Go to an elevator and die on it.
2. Run back to your corpse on the elevator and start a logout
3. With one second left, spam accept resurrection from your
4. Log back in. If it worked, the other people will still see you
dead on the elevator while you are alive on your screen.

This can be used anywhere, infinitely. You can use this in dungeons, raids. You spawn full health ress in BGs. You could get a raid and have a priest mass ress a raid when people are dying on boss fights. The possibilities are endless, and I hope you guys have fun using this exploit to have fun. After all, it is nice to have a change of venue for WoW after playing it normally.
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