The Return of Hydramist - Theclawer 12 by Trialmop
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Aerie Peak ( Nightfall )
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Hydramist wanted me to let you know he is on a comeback and the RMP is not far away. I Know some of you might not like my content but I hope you at least enjoyed the notice, thank you for your time.

Main Comp - Hunter rogue /healer normally druid or priest
2nd Comp - Hunter Feral Druid Restoration Shaman
3rd Comp - Hunter Arms Warrior, Priest (noteworthy that suntosh is the warrior
4th comp is a cc monster but not played as much in the f2p bracket
Hunter Retribution Paladin Restoration Druid

At this point im not sure if arenas for level 20 trials will return in Mist of Pandaria so at the moment this could be the last of what was a great ride. So many trials and paid accounts over the 3 years we existed contributed to make the community as good as they could so cheers for Mist of Pandaria and us making the best of it. Warlords of Draenor is looking much different then Mist and even Cata but its a wait and see thing. Hope you enjoy, Hydramist is returning soon and wanted me to note that too you, at least if u didn't like the video you got to see hydra :D
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