SbkzorTV TBC PVP Chanel by Sbkzor
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Aye guys,

I thougt I had to make some kind of trailer for my youtube chanel since it's growing. I'm not earning any dollards with it cuz I don't monetize. I just like to share my moments on this game.
By this video-presentation, I wanted to give you a good idea of what you can expect here. So if you like this, you can take a moment to come and check out before to SUSCRIBE to SbkzorTV.

I will continue to create movies for WCM but I pre-release on my TV almost everything. So DON'T SUSCRIBE if you dont want to be spoiled for the next movies.

Chanel informations:

I made some playlists cuz I uploaded a lot of videos...
- old SP/R Videos,
- recent SP/R Videos,
- Rogue Footages,
- Machinima Project,
- Random Games with many comps on wowmania Blizzlike..

- I use to keep 80% of good/well known opponents : titled, or high rated guys somehow..
- If I find some streamlink with me, I like to use em cuz the opponent's PoV can provide another vision of the playstyle. It's pretty new concept in my videos.
- My PLAYSTYLE focus the entertainment.
Im not doing videos to show something which is boring to watch.
I love to use many tricks, it's part of my playstyle since some years, but I improved a lot since I started to play rogue (march, 2013). Most of it are pretty easy and common to every rogue so there is nothing "so fkin great" imho.

My favorite games are the ones that I'm not supposed to win with my exotics comps. The only safe comp I played (with an easy potential to get high rated I mean) is SP/Rogue (both class), but I'm pretty bored of playing my Spriest and I've nothing to prove imho. That's why I'm overall chilling as rogue because I can do all what I want and play many comps which are disappeared since AT is only about DPR, RD, & Locks@OPcomps.
I'm not interested by shoulders that's why I dont care of being 1600 rated while I play bad comps against DPR/LD/RD HeroesHeroes. I played this game too long for that.

- I listen all styles. I like rock-metal-house-dubstep-minimal-rap.. so you can expect variety.

- Mostly WoW stuff.
- Sometimes, I upload other games videos or pieces of Concert (like Skrillex recently for example).

- AT (EU-FUN) :

Thanks to all my mates since 2008:
Erezor (3v3), Acezor (2v2-3v3), Itchilol (2v2-3v3), Paolly (2v2 3v3 5v5), Bad (2v2 3v3), Akaba (2v2 3v3), Chs (2v2 3v3), Ndkzor (2v2 3v3), Aerow (2v2), Sinsyo (2v2 3v3 5v5), Neylia (3v3 5v5), Fatalcourge (2v2 3v3 5v5), Balboa (3v3), Blazw (2v2), Drpro (2v2 3v3), Deathtwice (3v3), Randomballer (2v2), Extinct (2v2), Vilorozboril (2v2)
& ZOR Gaming (since 2009)
Thanks to all my followers, and supportive e-friends like Uzbek, Cez,
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