Teddys - 2.4.3 TBC vod montage by Teddys
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Movie Summary
Teddys's Arena Team 1
Uzbekimist/Paypay/Evolve/Agarwen/Retti/Warlee Teddys
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Teddys's Arena Team 2
Agarwen/Warlee/Gness Evolve Teddys
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I stream on 1280/1024 with 30 fps so apologies for the video quality. I was told that 1920/1080 looks better than my regular resolution, so I re-rendered it to that. I've had a lot of issues while rendering aswell due to cpu failing ... got close to 50 bluescreens, so yeah, rendering this movie took some patience and dedication :D.

Playing rogue/healer literally makes my brain hurt, so you will see mostly double/tripple dps playing various comps. Most of the clips are kind of old, because I don't play rogue as often as I used to, mainly because all of my regular partners quit the game, but there are some recent games too.

Not a huge fan of flashy videos, so I kept the editing very light only to compliment the gameplay itself. Put in some fun games aswell mostly because I ran out of footage and didn't want to delay the vid any longer.
The server is wow-one.com .. thanx again to everyone I played with/against and Aggression stop dps.

/youtube stream is blocked in germany .. Originally I had starship - we built this city in the outro .. but it was blocked in 8 countries on youtube and now boston is blocked aswell so ... fuck it I cba rendering it again

James Horner- Zorro's Theme
Michael Lucarelli - Malaguena
Senses Fail - Bite to Break Skin
Bruce Lee Remix - Be Water My Friend
Bridge To Grace - Everything
Boston - Peace of Mind
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