clash of the sodapoppins by fr0st dr1p
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haha homo..this just bout different age groups runnin this wow game how this works..from progression of Computer aim to fps shooters with clan tags and official pro names..squeekers in vent/ts..and 17 year olds in the 28 year olds with free time for online video even older..I just be t1tan..from halo pc that had clans such as clan noone, FOX- , timbomb..and [M2K] InF- and including pub clans...there be a scense of who people know and chill with..with unspoken busts of which clans might be better..cooler..or more pro..down with that this aint got nothin to do with them..haha for instance..i ran halo pc back in the day..and nowadays there are streams such as music..somethin to tune into..and cool to Idk any of these steamers..yet I run WoW..I was deffinately apart of a community in halo..with the clan websites for ooffical matches requiring a upload/report based off a lost match..and #1 spots.based of win using xfire or get matches..WoW be completely different. this just about knowin who someone might b in game..but never had the run into them..nohomo and how they mighth of heard the same bout you..and how to get down wit the fame of the the end its just an online game anyway..we all startin not knowin otha people..some might run with IRL folkz..needin many noobs to pwn..haha
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