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I was greeted by a huge desire to make a worthy PvP pic with a storyline, just like in the good old days. It's sad to realize that such films have not been released for a long time. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the authors of classical movies are no longer at appropriate age, and the new generation is interested in other things.

As a patch, I chose 4.3.4, the 10th season of Cataclysm and collected the material for several months.

Someone could say that Cataclysm has long been out of fashion. This is true, but for me it was a real pleasure to return to the forgotten places and feel the atmosphere of that time.

I can't forget one of the first days after the release, when I was leveling all night in the Hyjal, and then was exploring the depths Vashj'ir. The first visit to Uldum (in my opinion, the most beautiful location in the game without analogues), battles at the Tol Barad and much more.

Every time i return in those days when I review such films as Hydra 9, Drakedog X, or Bebep 2.
That's why I decided to create my own work and make it as interesting and qualitive as possible.

Tracklist is in the final titles.

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I hope you enjoy!
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