Efx 1 Shadow Priest Legion PvP 7.3.5 by Efx
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Mok'Nathal ( Emberstorm )
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Efx's Arena Team 1
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This is my farewell to Legion video. These are clips taken during my push to 2k as Shadowplay 3v3 arenas, as well as one 2v1 BG clip I had. These were clips from just a couple days of arena, a few weeks before the final season ended. This was done through LFG, I didn't know these guys, and these were our first games together, with no mics, so you will see CD overlapping as well as clicking friendly frames, I wasn't comfortable with my party macros still.

This is my first video. It's not intended to show case Rank 1 or Gladiator, or even Duelist skill. This is just a thing I've always wanted to do since playing in Burning Crusade, just never had a PC to record my footage.

Hope you all enjoy, and see you in BfA.

The Fat Rat - Unity
Killgrew -Courage
Illenium Kerli - Sound of Walking Away
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