Naxxramas Trash Solo - Hunter Style by Vag
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Chromaggus ( Reckoning )
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***NOTE*** Requires first 2 bosses of spider wing to be cleared to be possible. Do not bother watching if you intend to flame for that :x

This is just a quick guide of how to kill the first pack in dk wing solo as a hunter (with small chance to drop harbinger of doom). Don't expect anyhting flashy in the way of editing, its just a guide for hunters to how to solo kill a 40man mob.

Note: If you think the second kill was not worth showing, I totally agree, I merely included it so that any sceptics would see that it wasn't a one-off, and it's easy enough to kill one of them every 5 minutes or so.

Note2: It is just as easy to kill the whole pack (Deathknight first) but the Deathknight has no loot afaik, and much more hp so it is a waste of time, and if you kill the whole pack they dont respawn which kind of defeats the object of farming :P

Note3: Yes, that is a mining pick in my hand at the end, turns out i was using it the whole time by mistake. Blame itemrack /shrug.
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