Cromfel's Timangi - R14 Paladin by Cromfel
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ravencrest ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Hey again fellas!

Short Story:

About 1 week of pvp after getting rank 14. A lot gear changes, a lot keybinding changes and a lot of other shizzle as it was time to test what this stuff can do in solo pvp. (End of an era after stopping group pvp support/healadin job).

Im currently sitting on top of 1072 Attack Power (NO buffs), 21.55% crit, 4700ish life, 4100ish mana and 130ish spell damage.

Live Stream is BAD quality, please use Direct Download links to download better quality video. I have received some feedback about the quality, so please use DD links for higher quality version ;)

Long Story:

Many people have been asking when will Cromfel's Diary of a Madman: Episode 3 come out. Unfortunately I have to disapoint you, as Blizzard boosted Warlocks too much, I felt that I need make something else.

So I rolled Paladin, and for PvP Paladin seemed like a perfect option for me. Not that powerful class, but has many nice tools for aiding friends. Combine those tools with high combat durability, and we have pretty interesting pvp tool.

I always hated to see so called "wannabe warriors" walk around with all possible warrior BWL phats, Paladins with 2500 mana, 750 AP and ~30% crit. Sure they can kill things. But it is just my wicked little mind that wants to expand Paladins into somehow balanced stats. Original idea was to have atleast 4k mana, 5k life, 20% crit and 1k attack power. That was the first steps for building Timangi. I ended up planning 50% BWL and 50% PvP gear at ctprofiles. But when Blizzard announced that they will update PvP armors and weapons, it was obvious target for me to get Rank 14.

And here we are, at the end of the rainbow like they say at Hammerfall song. I didnt get into my original plans (yet). But Im close enough to show you 1st week of playing and testing my new gear after getting Rank 14. Currently im sitting on top of 1072 unbuffed Attack Power (Yes, with no buffs). 21.55% crit, 4700ish life and 4100ish mana.

One more thing I have to say. World PvP is what it is. Enemys are what you can find. Some are pure crap, I have over 50 minutes of pvp video material where enemys instadie or just refuse to fight back. Some days I ran around world for 7 hours only to find few gimps, 1 real fight and 1 BWL raid what whooped my ass. So try remember few basic facts about world pvp,
you just cant magically generate ubah pvp enemys to get good clips.

So, thats enough for the bullshit part, now go download the video and give me some feedback. There are few UI changes during video, a lot of keybinding changes (pain I tell ya!) and few gear changes. A lot things will most likely change for next video as this was just ~1 week of pvp after getting r14.

Music: Lordi, Stratovarius and Thunderstone
Programs: Sony Vegas, Audacity and Fraps


Hope you enjoy the video!

Lucas "Timangi" Cromfel of Ravencrest.
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