Solo NAXX 'Mage Farming' by recussion
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Magtheridon ( Conviction )
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This is a video where I, a gnome mage, show you how to pull/kite/kill mobs out of 2 different wings in Naxxramas.

The mobs I've killed are the 'Risen Deathknight' and 'Infectious Ghoul'. In this movie I show you scenes of myself in action. You can get in trouble with pulling the patrol, which will kill you. I've had them all over me, and learned from it. These scenes are my very first succesfull pulls, by now I can make good pulls everytime I want.

I could've included a scene where I kill a Slime, but this is shown in other movies and they no longer drop loot.

-I didn't feel like farming them anymore, so decided to throw the material online

-The editting is bad, I know. Too long black screens, music may not always fit, and bad quality. But I didn't want to put a 4GB file online..

** These mobs DO drop loot. I've looted approximately 10-20 Scraps and 2 Word of Thawing. No epics, however they can drop them aswell. Go and try it if you like, there is a chance you get a trash-epic. **.
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