LBRS farming by Niar by Niar
Class: Rogue | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Turalyon ( Cyclone )
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*** UPDATE ***

I rerolled on Stormscale (EU) as undead rogue called Niarreborn, that is my main character now.

*** UPDATE ***

This video shows some of the farming methods in lower blackrock spire, I find this to be some of the best, HARDEST but most reliable way of earning gold as a rogue these days.

Basically what you have chance of walking away from on these runs are
a) arcanite reaper plans if bannok grimaxe is spawned
b) pattern: robe of the archmage (~10% droprate, 3 mobs that have chance to drop them, worth 150g+ on most I'd say)
c) recipe: greater fire protection potion (worth a LOT depending on server.. at 500g+ at most servers I'd say)
d) some random stuff like shadowcraft/dreadmist/magister's armor parts

But now for the sad thing, this is actually quite hard to kill even if decked out in epics (atleast the packs of 3, the 2 should be doable with quite crap gear), you'll have try yourself and see how you manage the best.. the video just shows about how it should be done (can do a whole pack without sap with AR + BF etc.. but I find sapping one of them more reliable). I used to farm these when I was prep dagger spec and it worked fine, can either burst dmg one down with thistle etc.. usage of 2x evasion sometimes and such.

So there are 2 ways of doing it, kick yourself in the head and tell yourself you're gonna manage this (a.k.a) the Niar way or the "try once and die then come and rate 0" because you simply didn't try hard enough, you choose ;)

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