Anub'Rekhan Tanking How-To by Trindade
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Khaz'goroth ( Bloodlust )
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I decided to publish this fraps mainly as a tool to assist other warriors in my guild to shorten their learning curve for any cases where I can't make it to tank the fight.

This is by no means a clean or perfect kill. You won't see me scoot through the gauntlet with 0 debuffs every time. You won't see awe inspiring dps or a clean 0 death kill from the rest of the raid.

What this video is intended to be is a good primer on how to react to many of the variables that can occur during the fight. I also make him evade to demonstrate what causes it and what you can do in terms of positioning to avoid it happening.

The video also contains on-screen text to explain what's happening and give some tips about the fight.

This isn't a definitive how-to-tank video. This isn't a video about using your rage to the x or y efficiency for threat. This isn't a video about optimum key bindings or play style. It's simply a video about handling variables in this one specific fight; please bear that in mind when offering a critique or rating about the video.

I hope this gives some help to warriors in guilds that are struggling with getting him down onto 1-shot weekly farm..
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