Of Past and Future - Paladin rp pvp by azrael7787
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A weird movie deserves a long explanation. Unless you enjoy scratching your head at all abstract movies, I'd suggest reading this.

I classified this as "other" while titling it a pvp since it contains a bit of everything including graphics exploits, exploration, Warcraft cinematics, pathing exploits, role-playing, storyline, and pvp. You could consider this the highlight of all I did in WoW so far, which happens to be mostly pvp. If you're a frequent warcraftmovies watcher, there isn't gonna be much that's new, except for the plot and *maybe* the pvp, although I'll admit the pvp isn't the best.

Yes I did take stuff off a loooot of various other works, but none are not mentioned in the credits...really. Stealing from one person is plagiarism, stealing from many is research. Deal with it. ;)

Anyway, this particular installment is the "third" episode even though it's the first one I released to public. The first two are, in my opinion, rather cruddy...so I won't be showing them. The story in those were basically about a paladin who begins to get suspicious of his superiors, but decides to continue obeying orders for a while to the point he gets a promotion. Shortly after, he experiences a near-death experience and decides to "leave" in distrust, thinking that the superiors are getting his friends killed for their own agendas. In this third episode, he decides to face Orgrimmar face on, essentially on a suicide mission...and more. The girl's voice is his conscience. The whole feel of it is supposed to mess with your head, so don't think too much about it.

Most of the pvp here takes place in Durotar...when you literally ring the doorbell in front of Orgrimmar and Xroads. I use 3 different specs in this movie; 31 holy 20 ret, 31 ret 7 prot 13 holy, and 25 prot 26 holy. Most pvp in this video takes place with one companion, since I think that combo shows the paladin "hybrid" feel best with both healing and support dps. I have a few duels/1v1s, but I just put them in to show my way of 1v1 with a support spec. I'm bored of the solo retnoob playstyle and despise the elitist, and so I play the way people revere me for playing. If you're looking for big huge numbers and seeing me show off a huge e-peen, NO. The pvp basically ends at 14 minutes into the movie; until the credits, the movie is solely role-play.

It was a real pain getting good footage since 9/10 times ringing the doorbell gets you zerged and corpse-camped. What is shown here are those rare times where you actually get a good fight.

My companions and I are rank 10 players with only a few epics, so I'm not insanely geared like in most paladin videos I've seen. As a result, I should warn you all that I use a decent lot of consumables and cooldowns--whatever gets me the edge, since ringing the doorbell usually gets odds that are quite to my disadvantage.

Enough of this. Check it out.

150 megs for the low-quality rez, 300 for the higher quality. A live stream mirror will be up shortly..
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