Paladin DPS Part 2 - Esotarious Vs. Patchwerk by Esotarious
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Argent Dawn ( Ruin )
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Movie Summary
As requested by flamers, fans, and skeptics, I made a Patchwerk video. Critadins and Warladins rejoice! This is part 2 of the "Paladins can't DPS?" series.

My DPS ceiling was 533, with an average of 501.

It was an unsuccesful attempt, regrettably the only attempt I was able to get on FRAPS - but what you see on it should be more than enough to prove my point.

If you haven't seen the Noth video, you're probably wondering - "What is his point exactly?"

I'm not preaching that paladins are supposed to be a DPS class and should DPS at every oppurtunity, nor am I claiming that our class is better than yours. I know our capabilities and limitations, so please don't consider this an insult to your class (if your toon is DPS). Paladin DPS is no longer something to be made fun of, and thats something I hope to prove to anyone who watches my videos.

Hope to make you guys proud of our class. I had a great battle on this one with the mages and hunters. :)

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