Team Eminence - Warsong Gulch / Priest PvP by Trance
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Team Eminence 3 Vid:

Team Eminence 2 Vid:

Team Eminence fights Grim Vengeance and Triad from Tichondrius(US) in Warsong Gulch for their first two BG9League matches, also included a short clip from a scrim vs. their home server rivals The Elite.

Eminence of Blackrock PvP team partiscipates in a
WSG league from the most competitive Battlegroup on North American servers, Battlegroup 9. for more info.
#battlegroup9 @

Features PoV from Panda(Priest), supporting fellow movie maker teammates Xahlior(Warrior) and Dacke(Warlock), as well as a cast of some of the best PvPers on the Blackrock server.

You can view their solo vids here:

Pendulum - Girl in the Fire
Rise Against - Ready to Fall
Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee
Celldweller - Afraid This Time

#eminence @

First vid of a future series of group pvp vids by Team Emi.

This vid was made with:
Fraps, Sony Vegas 6, Adobe Photoshop and Warcraft Model Viewer.

Nurfed, Trinket Menu, Hitsmode, Itemrack, CTmod, eCasting Bar.
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