Burns Modus Operandi - Part 1 by Burn
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Khadgar ( Stormstrike )
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Found my old videos on the HD I used to use - the WarcraftMovies stream should be working now.



This is the first video in my two-part series I have in the works called Burns Modus Operandi. This part features the 20/31 Mace Combat spec in battlegrounds and in a couple duels with the Misplaced Servo Arm and the Castigator, two pretty powerful weapons.

Unlike "The Master of Pain," this video focuses less on the crits, and more on actual fights. About 90% of the video is 1vsN's, so crowd control fans rejoice! The duels I feature are also against some very well geared/skilled opponents, you could say, "they outgear me" I guess if that means anything.

Anyways, my gear:
5/5 Deathdealers
2/9 Bonescythe
An Arsenal of trinkets/tricks
Servo Arm + Castigator

20/31 Combat Maces
1080 AP
4400 HP
29.25 Crit

Also, you know I'm on a PvE realm, so the footage is from the three battlegrounds, but please keep an open mind. As you will see 99% of the time I recieve no help from other alliance players, on the flip side the Horde I fight WILL get some help and I have to deal with that!

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