Soloing Barman Shanker by erians
Class: Rogue | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Darksorrow ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
A frequently asked question is "is Barman Shanker soloable?". By now most players are well aware of the fact that it is perfectly soloable, but what most players dont know is how easy it easy to solo. The purpose of this movie is simply to show how any rogue with crap gear can easily solo Plugger, the boss that drops Barman Shanker, without spending much time or money, and how to do it.

So why use a Barman Shanker? The Barman Shanker is one of the best mainhand daggers there is before raiding, and a great alternative if you dont wanna farm reputation with AV. It has a very high max damage which results in high Backstab/Ambush crits and hits and is very easy to optain.

In this movie I used only quest/crafted/AH bought blues and greenies, everything is worse than the dungeon set, and it could probably be done with full greens. This was my 5th run so I decided to fraps it, ofc the Shanker dropped on this run :).
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