Cold Blood Bug - In PvP! by Araxi
Class: Rogue | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
I had never seen or heard about this bug before so I was abit surprised when I got it. What the bug does is giving me a permanent cold blood.
I checked around for others who had this bug on tape, and those vids I found was in instances. The reason might be that the bug disappears when zoning, but I'm not sure, just guessing. Atleast you can logout and back in without losing the bug, worked for me.

I'm sure most people want to know how to get this.
It's caused when you have used a finish move with CB on, and occasionally the CB will stay on still after you used it, but it's rare so I'm sure it's hard to recreate.
Atleast I had a fun time dueling, and recording the fights! :)

In the movie I try to show all possible abilitys with the CB bug, which is SS, BS, Ambush and Evis.

Song is Tool - Vicarious! *

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