Dakk 5 - Enjoy by Dakk
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Scilla ( Stormstrike )
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This is my movie, Dakk 5, Enjoy!

Yea the video is called Enjoy. I was kinda drunk last night and I figured out that the main thing you gotta keep close to yourself when playing this game, is that all in all, it is just a game. What are you here to do in the first place? Enjoy yourself, you can't lose grip of that, or else you're just blowing time, and not having fun. For a while I lost sight of just enjoying the game, but If I go back and lay it out as the title for my fifth movie, it reminds me that it's what I'm really here to do.

Anyway, my fifth movie is a little different from my other movies. You will probably still like it if you like my other movies, this one does have a different taste though. It's a little shorter, about twelve minutes long. The music choice is also pretty different, but I do like all the songs. I cut out all the undead dancing in this video, but I did do a few fun things with WoW Model Viewer.

The first part of my movie has the most interesting flag cap attempt I have ever participated in, in AB, and a few other miscellaneous fights. The second part of my movie happened one night in Searing Gorge, where a few of my good friends set me up for a ganking. I evened it out by hopping on their vent and dueling them though :P. The last part of my movie includes another one of the most interesting things to happen to me in a battleground. I really hate defending flags by myself..

Songs in this movie are:

Gorillaz - Dare
Joe Satriani - Crowd Chant
Less Than Jake - All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Well, that just about sums up most of the explanation. This is my fifth movie, and I really hope you enjoy, Enjoy!

Pun intended.
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