Ranger - T3 Marshal Hunter PvP by Rangerr
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Emeriss ( Reckoning )
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I had been thinking about starting a video for months, and finally got round to doing so after quitting my guild and raiding. Getting good world-pvp/battleground fights against multiple opponents was easy, however I struggled to find the right players to 1v1 out in the open (too many arranged duels ruins a video in my opinion). The finished product ended up with quite a few scenes of me dying, but I chose to include them: firstly because I thought they contained decent fights, and secondly because itís the reality of PvP.

The second part where Iím playing on Coilla (thanks Sam) was all filmed within 2-3 hours max, and basically added in to show that gear isnít everything. You might say some of the players I killed were bad (no offense was meant towards any of them), but that just further proves the point Iím trying to make. You will probably also notice my play-style change to adapt to the damage and health decrease, which to my surprise wasnít even that much.

So here it is. The fights get better as it goes along. The intro isnít as good as I had hoped for, but everything else I came up with just ended up being horribly cheesy, and I had trouble getting a better opening scene.

NOTE: This video is by NO means about high crits, and before anyone starts complaining, the aimed shot and 950 pet crit scenes were staged!

0.00 - 2.52 - Godsmack - Now or Never
2.53 - 3.14 - Lacuna Coil - Closer
3.15 - 6.53 - In Flames - Dismiss the Cynics
6.55 - 10.38 - Soilwork - Overload
10.40 - 14.39 - Lacuna Coil - Our Truth
14.41 - 17.33 - Breaking Benjamin - Breath
17.35 - 19.19 - Dragonforce - Soldiers of the Wasteland.
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