PTR 2.0 Retribution Paladin Demo by [email protected]
Class: Paladin | Category: Other | Server : EU - Gul'dan ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
Title says it all: Damage output Demo of a Retribution Paladin with very moderate Dmg Gear and the 'unnerfed' 6 sec Crusader Strike.

I also took the chance to put in the new Seal and Blessing Animation and played around with some little editing ideas of mine.

Which place could be better then Tyrīs of course, but itīs not just clip after clip fighting one mob and then the massivest crit streaks put together, but rather different setups vs 3 mobs for example and so on (Everything that fit on my Harddrive).
Ok, I admit! I didnīt use a clip in which I killed a mob without a single Crit, but my main goal was to keep the video entertaining.

Whatever, here you go! Enjoy, or not ^^

PS: I still canīt manage to see the reason why CS was moved to a 10 sec CD, itīs hardly good in PVP at all since every class got itīs DmgOutput increased significantly.

Music in chronological order:
Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned
Edguy - Memory (German Rock Band)
My Chemical Romance - Sharpest Lives

Add: Other movies from me:
One showing a 2k JoC Crit:
HolySpecc DmgOutput ont PTR 2.0:
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