The Durid Tank by morph
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Hakkar ( Vengeance )
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Morph is back with his 4th and Final Video....Forever (from what it seems).

Admin note: You can download, if you are hesitant, the trailer before taking on the two big files.

a Druid tanks almost Everything in the game, However, this is under the PvP category for a reason.

This is a truly unique video. You will see and get the complete experience of the Durid tank on and off the tanking field. This vid also includes REAL WORLD pvp...and a realistic/truthful look at it. Not a bunch of bullcrap of endless crits and pwnage of nubness like alot of the junk out there.

I rerolled to the Hakkar server with another guild when it was fairly new and when I had hit 60 with everyone else, I was asked to be one of the MTs for the guild. I then respecced to the tank build and I haven't respecced since, so my respec cost is like 1 copper.
I did not tank as a novelty, and it wasn't just for kicks when the raid was bored. I came up as a tank along with the warrior tanks and geared up accordingly. THIS ISN'T the scenario of some druid who Happenned to get some Aq40 loot and decides to tank a few bosses to show off. This is what we did as a guild to Progress through content, and we became the top guild on the server.

Alot of this footage has been compiled over a long period of time. Some of the PvP footage may be fairly recent within the last 4 months, but Most of the Other footage has been compiled slowly since March 2006 when we as a guild started seriously doing Endgame content on the new server.
I do realize there isn't alot of AQ20 content in the vid, Not because I didnt tank the bosses in AQ20, I just never got around to frapsing those fights because honestly, I'd forget to. (yea i know...l2fraps)

Premium downloaders: THIS IS JUST THE FIRST HALF OF THE VIDEO. This isnt a complete video. The video was too large and I had to split it in two: 2nd half. (2nd torrent file is the last torrent on the list)

I have spent the past 2 weeks in compression/rendering hell trying to get the size down the best as possible without sacrificing to much quality and making the video look like crap, and well, what you see is what you get. Thanks to albis and azias for giving me some of thier own compression teqhniques to lead me in a right direction. And No, I am not gonna upload it to google video so it can look like crap.

If anyone wishes to help me out by providing mirrors or hosting video/s for me, I would really appreciate it and you can contact me at
[email protected] if you wish to do so about that.
Big thanks to geral at ppl for providing mirrors for me.

Hope you enjoy...You won't be disapointed.....(unless you hate druids)

Oh and last but not least

My guild is Dominance
(underground is dead)
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