The Spirit of Christmas by Aceofspades26nw
Class: Priest | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Vashj ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Previously, i pushed the boundries of people patience by mind-controlling 50 Alliance into the lava of BRM. Now its time to share the love with my own faction in AV.

How? With snowballs! During the christmas period Blizzard had implemented snowballs in AV with a knockback effect, much to my enjoyment. With AV being as boring as it is, i decided to make my own fun standing on the bridge near Stormpike, knocking unsuspecting victims off to an icy death.

Here you will observe the short fuses of frustrated Hordes, who get incredibly agitated at me wasting 10 seconds of their AV. Iv captured some of my favourite quotes from people for you to enjoy. Theres nothing more satisfying than knowing how angry someone is getting, and them not being able to do a thing about it :)

Sadly Blizzard have now nurfed the snowballs so you cannot knockback people of your own faction :(

Though i have uploaded this movie to Google video, i reccomend filefront, the quality of streaming is poor and you cant read the abuse ;P.
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