Farming Maraudon (50-70g/hour) by pyrelight
Class: Priest | Category: Underground | Server : US - Uther ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary
This movie walks you through an entire Maraudon run as a Shadow Priest, giving you some helpful tips along the way. It is a very long video (22m 22s), as it is intended to show you how to do it all.

The key advantage to this farming method is lack of reliance on water. You regen while moving from boss to boss, and you won't spend a quarter of what you make on manna biscuits/etc, or a ton of time running back to get mage water from a friend. If you are not regenning enough mana between bosses, then throw on your healing/regen gear while you're on the move.

All of these fights, with the exception of Rotgrip (and perhaps Landslide, depending on your gear -- I still wipe on him sometimes even) are doable as a Holy/Disc Priest with some decent damage gear (I used to farm that way, until I respecced).

The Princess can be kited indefinitely as a Holy/Disc Priest, no damage gear necessary. She is just straight up easy for all types of Priests once you figure her out.

The drops I received while filming this particular run were not too spectacular. For one, the Princess only dropped one blue as opposed to her normal two. There is probably a good 2-4 gold variance (for the better, not worse) between each run. I would say the drops received on the run were probably, overall, some of the least profitable.

Gear used for this video:

Addons I'm asked about alot. Most can be found at

DoT Timer: Chronometer
Loot Mod: XLoot and XLootMonitor
Inventory: EngBags (check Curse-Gaming)

Happy farming!.
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