Thunterfury 2.0 Hunter Melee PVP w/ Thunderfury by PicnicPanic
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
To start this off, all footage was taken post patch 2.0 in a time period of about a week, meaning most are sporting R13 gear including me. A major part of the movie is the duels against the best of the best, which is 13 min 30 sec. into the movie.

Spec is 41/0/10, The movie shows the true potential of the Beast Within showing how not only does it make people unable to get to you, but also unable to get away, making it a very strong melee class. I use this ability frequently, as its only on a 2 Minute cooldown and coupled with the pvp trinket, its near impossible to stop.

Due to the very odd playstyle within, its hard to comment on skill, which I believe is NOT the showcase of this film, but rather it is to show what can be done. You will find me literally spamming wingclip at times, due to the increase in the TF proc rate (which can easily be seen is much higher than most) and improved wingclip that manages to save me in some tight spots.

If you have already gotten this far in the wall of text, I already love you :) Please don't flame, just rate the video and different playstyle, not my weapons/gear.

Song List:

Voodoo People (Remix) - Prodigy
Open Up - Korn
The Game - Disturbed
Spitfire - Prodigy
Seisure of Power - M. Manson
Poem - Taproot
Immortal - Adema
Bananaphone - Raffi
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