Resilience - Docta Holy Disc Priest PvP 2.0.1 by Docta89
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Shadow Moon ( Vindication )
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a holy disc priest(40/11/0) video...I believe this is one of the first of its kind. I set out to prove something for the priest community, the misconception that priests need to be shadow in order to kill things in pvp or even survive in pvp. Personally I think most shadow priest videos are rather boring because of its repetitive playstyle nature...and most just lacks skill as a priest.

I think this video is pretty unique in its own way. I wanted to show that holy disc priests can be viable for pvp and I also wanted to show how good the dwarf racials are, thats stone form, fear ward, and obviously desperate prayer.

I have now played my priest for over 2 years, I reached rank 13 over a year ago(the hard way). I never thought I'd release my own pvp video but my friends encouraged me to do so. So after christmas break I started frapsing.

All of the arena fights you see in the video were frapsed within 2 days. Some of the duels/world pvp's are fraps within a 1-2 weeks time. (good world pvps are hard to come by on shadow moon, most world pvp that I frapsed were deleted because either horde were undergeared or the fight was too easy). I didn't win all of the arena fights but I won a good amount of them. again 2v1's with undergeared ppl were deleted...and only the good ones made it into the video.

I worked pretty hard on the editing side of the video to make a priest video entertaining and keep the viewers interested through out the entire video without going overboard with editing. I know some people out there may hate watching priest videos, however I promise this video will be pretty entertaining if you like pvp videos in general.

This video contains:
world pvp
2v1 arena matches
Duels with some of the shadow moon's best (skill wise& maxed out gear)

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