Beyond and Far Away - The Movie by Wolfchamane
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Movie Summary
Beyond and Far Away - The Movie
by Wolfchamane's Productions in association with Arturo 3Design

This is the unreleased movie by Wolfchamane. His first movie about World of Warcraft.
A movie that compiles interesting and funny bugs, exploits and hard accessible zones.

One of the first scenes shooted for this film was not too much since the oficial
european version of World of Warcraft was release. And one of the lates was shooted
with the 2.05 version, just a few hours from the oficial release of the World of Warcraft
The Burning Crusade, the first expansion of Blizzard.

It has never been edited before for public share. Now, after compiling a lot of information,
we presents it for you, as exclusive, here at
The original plot write by Wolfchamane has been respected at 100% (well, maybe a bit less xD).

We have tried not to make the tipical underground movie, we have encourage ourselves in the hard
accessible zones scenes. And in order to give the movie its speciallity, almost all the "making off"
of each trick has been incluided. We have also incluided scenes of zones that can be exploited, but
we couldn't do, so anyone would make it.

We still have too much things to show you (Zul'Gurub exploits and bugs, TBC exploits, BWL unaccessible zones,
Stratholme UD under 5 min, soloing ZG enchants ...), so we hope see you soon!

- 600+ scenes shooted
- Near 10Gb of info (guides, vids, music and other)
- Contribution of 15 people, incluiding Arturo Martinez (Arturo 3Design)
- 5 exploiter man in this movie (We get near 50 people contributions)
- 3hours 20min of render
- Near 70 hours of edition
- 34 songs were listed to add as soundtrack (We expect more from the public contest :( )
- Material to make a BaFA II and III (but we're going to level up to 70 first xD)

We hope we didn't make so much errors or mistake, if you find anyone, please, contact us @
[email protected]


This is a movie about bugs and exploits inside World of Warcraft.
As anyone must know, the following scenes violates the policy of Blizzard Entertainment
and World of Warcraft.

All the places and actions reached or performanced take place in live realms.
No cheats were used.

If you try to do this scenes under your own risk, you must know that you maybe get banned
or even account cancelled.

Wolfchamane's Productions and Arturo 3Desing doesn't responsabilized of the content of this video.

If you are related with Blizzard Entertainment, you musn't watch this video.

The music use as soundtrack is property of its owners.


[email protected]

In order to see this video properly, you should have installed the latest version of XviD.
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