Remembering Westwood by snoman
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : US - Draka ( Vengeance )
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"O Green World, don't desert me now. Bring me back to fallen town with someone who's still alive. O Green World, Don't desert me now. I'm made of you and you of me, but where are we? Oh, no."
-Gorillaz, "O Green World", Demon Days

I've always thought model changing and exploration vids should be about the "What if's?". In my first vid, The Breaking of Spring in Elwynn, it was "What if there were ingame seasons?". This one is "What if we could see Westfall before the great drought?"
Ever since November 2004, in the open beta, when I first stepped into Westfall, I thought it was an amazing looking zone. And later, when I learned the history of Westfall, I thought it would look even more amazing as it did before it became barren. And finally you and I get to see that.
The song is Remember by BT, edited and cut down by my brother because I'm not too good with keeping a beat :/. And he also made a very special texture change for me :)... Again, this video isn't about fancy editing or effects, it is about the model change and how different Westfall looks.

Many thanks, again, must go to Verl, for being my inspiration, for being the amazing girl that you are, and for being the best friend I could ever have. I hope this once again inspires you, for without you I doubt I would have made this video. In the words of Oceanlab, "I'll love you 'til the sky falls down. I'll love you 'til I can't feel anything, not anything at all. And even when you're not around, I'll love you 'til the sky falls down." *hugs*

And Dopefish, I was able to use that accursed Hinterlands tile in my favor this time :). Thanks for the tip.

To everyone else, I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did making it. Sno out, enjoy the ride!.
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