(TBC) Shaman Elemental AOE Grinding - How to. by naqeya
Class: Shaman | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Aggramar ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
The reason for this release is due to a conversation i had with a mage friend of mine who refused to believe that shaman can AOE grind at all.
Mages are still without a doubt imba in the AoE farming area. I'm not saying otherwise.
/bows to mages

Well, here ya go.

Providing the talent configuration is elemental.
A trinket or to certainly helps. And just so it doesn't end up in the comments - warstomp ftw.

No buffs.
No personal healer.
No mods.
No auto-casting.
No problem.

File quality is crap and the editing likewise.
Music is good and the damage equally slamming!

Shaman ftw. /cheer

From the comments i've gotten so far AoE grind means(and i'm saying this in quotations)
You can't get hit by the mobs.
They have a specific amount of HP or it's not aoe grind.
All the spells have to hit all the mobs at once.
You can't use Cooldowns.
And of finally, it's not AoE grind unless it's 10 mobs at a time
(more to come?)
Let me make it simple.
AoE means Area of Effect.
AoE grind means Area of Effect mob killing.
That means the character uses area of effect spells or actions or skills on multiple mobs at once.
That's what I'm doing in this film, try to say otherwise and well... :P

But alright... I love the critisism, Even the noobish ones =) *kiss*
But hey, NP... Expect part 2 soon. In which This time i'll buff up, I'll use my mods, my auto-casting, I'll printscreen on xp per hour and do more mobs at a time. Better quality+editing.
I really really appreciate all the great comments, they totally out-weigh the negative. I'm really thankful for all the great ratings so many of you have given to this vid. I'm glad so many people enjoyed this.
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