Kelth - The Movie (trailer) by Joakim Tobiasson
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Hi there!

I've been a frequent looker at wow-movies and I've had some great laughs and great "omg that's über!!"-experiences in doing so. And I've got to admit, seeing so many great movies (especially "The Brother Taurens", boy did that one make me laugh), I decided to scavenge my dad's "old", yet very neat, set of software and start a little storyline-set.

I started today and so far I have a trailer! *proud*

Now, it'll probably take a month, or so, before I get the full movie into place, but I'll get there, I promise.

Music by Popa Roach - The World Around you.
The "intro" is a mix of a couple of Rob Zombie songs.


And please excuse the horrific spelling, I didn't sleep for 48 hours before making this and didn't notice the 3-4 spelling errors and godknows how many grammatical errors before I had rendered the movie for the 6th time.

Thank you for the repplies, I really appriciate them! (to be honest, I didn't expect any :P) I'll take any comment and rating into account when I'm making the movie, so if you want to influence what's comming, here's you're chance ^^. (Cyber-hype ftw) Doesn't mean I'm gonna follow every single input that comes in, but I'm gonna take everything into concideration.

Thank you and hopefully I'll release a taste of the actual MOVIE and action by the time it's done (to show you some of my PVP-"skillz").

Cheers! (and keep typing).
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