Hail to the Night pt.1 by Koji
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Movie Summary
Hail to the Night is fan-fiction based on forgotten lore about a Nightelf Warrior who also (similar to Illidan) defies The Sentinels and defects to The Burning Legion.
Following the epic battle of Illidan and Arthas at Northrend, fate deemed it necessary to give the warrior one more chance for a brand new start...
Or so it may seem...

It is here where part one of Hail to the Night unfolds.

Unfortunately there will be an indefinate hiatus on the Hail to the Night series, and in the movie you will find out why.

I please ask that you do not skip over any parts in the movie, if you find it overwhelming or boring just pause it for a bit, take a breather.

I really hope you enjoy this cinematic experience, as much as I did creating it, thank you for your time


2/10/07 The run time is 34 mins and 26 seconds.

2/11/07 Live Stream is up! This is the Google link

Sorry! There are some issues with the Winace file on Filefront I'm reposting a Filefront link without Winace..
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