Delirium Vs. Shade Of Aran by Dizzypink
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - The Maelstrom ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Well Delirium spent a little while in Kara and have managed to get to the shade within 2 and a half weeks. I figured it was about time I Showed some of the guilds achievements so i decided to film the shade of Aran Encounter.

After wiping on 3% two times in a row, we decided to just pop everything we had as it was getting late and with the instance reseting in 6 hours we thought we would give it our all.

Unfortunaitly the quality is not verry good, as i decided to not change my resolution to get a good Video as we where more concerned about getting him down. So i apologise for the Quality of the movie.

This is my first Movie and i played a little with the editing but i hope i didnt over do it.

Thanks for taking the time to watch
and gratz to Delirium guys for putting this chap the the floor.


The Legion of Doom - Lolita's Medicine
Faithless - Salva Mea

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