Zerglings Vs. Nightbane by Azlar
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Daggerspine ( Cyclone )
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This kill occurs on March, 17, 2007. This is not our first kill, it is our third (this is the first kill I decided to fraps).

This kill is really considered a 9 man. We brought a protection warrior that didn't tank (we needed him incase warrior loot drops.. and what a surprise.. check out the loot at the end!) We had a feral druid MT. We only had 3 dps this kill (two mages, and a warlock), it shows how Nightbane can be done very healer heavy. It tends to drag out the fight though, hence the 15 minute video. Some flasks were left over from our Gruul kill the night before. Even my elixirs were intact! This was a 1 attempt kill.

This is from a Paladin PoV. Don't complain if you find this video boring! You've been warned it's long and from a healer PoV!


PS. I put the server as Daggerspine, since Coilfang isn't added yet! I used to be from Daggerspine though ;)

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