HolyHowTo3: HolyPriest solo SlavePens + Ramparts Special by Lyla
Class: Priest | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Frostwolf ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
Through warcraftmovies.com I may proudly present my third HolyHowTo video.

With 19 minutes playtime it's a fairly short, but never the less, entertaining movie, i hope you'll be having fun watching it ;>
It'll show you, how it's possible to clear Slave Pens and enjoy the loot of the first boss in Hellfire Ramparts as a HolyPriest.

'Cause of some odd events happening to me related to disconnects during solo-runs I had to use some material from my 2. video regarding the bossfight.
In addition, I jighly improved the visual quality of this third movie compared to the last one.
I also felt like i had to change the soundtrack, so it fits the scenes and the setting even better, so don't fast forward ;>

Even it doesn't seem like, Holypriests have high potential at solo pve.
Surely it's not the overwhelming news to you, that it's possible to clear some dungeons with high dps or special class abilitys, but raidskilled Holypriests can do that as well with less dps and limited class ablilitys.

That shouldn't mean, that it's an ease for a dd to solo high-lvl-instances..

In my movies, I just try to show, that holypriests are also in the position to perform something unusual and I would like to motivate others to explore the limits of their class with my videos.
Once you really try to, you may be quite astonished, what you're able to get started with your class ^^

At this point I want to thank all the "stupid mages with their tricks" and the hunter who think they can kite the hole world, keep me up motivated to show the commuity we can do it as well!

Well, just DL it, lean back and enjoy the movie

Btw my gear is from 5-player-instances and / or craftable, so reachable for everyone!

sry for my bad englisch , i allready tried to restart on an eng. realm but I can't leave my priest
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