How to waste your time Series - Chapter 1 by Wolfchamane
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Movie Summary
"How to waste your time" is a serie of 10 short movies made by Wolfchamane.

The purppose of those movies is just waste time xD. Not, seriously now, the main reason is to show how to do stupid and annoying things that are made by players all over the World of Warcraft realms, things as begging for a mount, reaching places without help ... and so.

Keep in mind that this is a joke, a criticism and a way of improve my edtion skills.

CHAPTER 1. How to reach Booty Bay at Level 1 without summon. (Exploit)

Here I show how a level 1 can reach Booty Bay without being help by other players.

The idea came out while I was making a ticket to a GM , I found out the way to get to Ratchet without level up.

* [email protected] Fraps
* Sony Vegas Video 6.0

[email protected]
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