Elf On by Oxhorn
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Elf On -- Apply directly to an Elf! Do Elves annoy you on a daily basis? Elf On. Do you wish you could get rid of them? Elf On. Does the sight of them fill you with a rage that you cannot explain? Elf On.

From Oxhorn Brand Merchandise.

This movie is a spoof of the infamous and incredibly annoying "Head On" commercials. If you've never seen them, please click here and here to drive yourself completely mad.

This is part six of my "Oxhorn's Short Shorts!" series, the previous five being Associate Professor Evil Kills All Beggars, Drunken Kodo Riding, The Joy of Punting Gnomes, Krick in the Back! and ROFLMAO!, linked below.


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By the way, I'm looking for a literary agent to publish my fiction novel, so if you are one (or know of one) check out my webpage and drop me a line!

All glory and honor goes to Jesus Christ, though I'm sure he doesn't hate Elves as much as I do. Heh..
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