LOL, Lightwell Vol. 1-9 by BaronSoosdon
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Movie Summary

This movie is a tribute/homage/show of respect to the "How To Paladin"
series by Stoker.

Alternatively, this movie can be just simply called lame-assed plagiarism. The HTP series is so imba, I think that I can never reach such imbaness.. but at least I have tried :D

As Stoker released his movies separately, this movie holds a total of 9 parts in one! And you can't even tell them from each other! Imba!

This movie includes:

- The Staff of Kralnor (or at least a replica of it)

- Daisy, The Dancing Tauren (protector saint of all guild chats)

- The second public appearance of ORIMO SEX DANCE

- A touching love song performed by Gasanar
I might get killed because of this in IRL, so if that happens - bai bai and thanks for teh fish!
You can listen to this wonderful piece of music over and over and over and over again on it's YTMND page!

- Some footage from the TBC Betakey Gnomerace-movie
(I still had the files on my HD :o)

Anyone who posts constructive criticism will be instantly reported to the moderators, FBI, CIA, KGB, NMT, SUPO, FOX-HOUND, SOLDIER, Ocelot Unit, GRU, DNA, MTV, NSA, LOL, The Galactic Empire, GSM, SNES, PEWPEW, NERV, CBM-64 and VHS among other instances.

When I saw those "How To Paladin"-movies I realized that those kind of movies are my future as a machinimaker. So no more Unlimited Escapisms, w00t!

Or anything in HD res for that matter. Oldsk00l lowquality is the shit!

Here in Finland we would say "Vittu mitä paskaa!" about the movie.

Soundtrack listed at the end credits :P

Other movies by me:
Adventures Of Dilligaf
World's MOST POINTLESS and STUPID paladin AOE movie

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