How to get on top of Allai base in WSG by Moto
Class: Hunter | Category: Underground | Server : US - Gilneas ( Vindication )
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This was shot 5/26/07 on a live sever ( if u cant tell its not pre-burning crusade couse there is a BE pally tring also).Yes I left the parts of me messing up for a reson.To me I fill you need to see mistakes so you don't do the same thing thats y i left them in , also dont get nere the righthand wall there is a invisable wall that u will get stuck behind and only way out is to win/lose , or afk out. This is my 1st movie so lets hope yall dont cut me down for that. This Video will show you how to get on top of WSG Alliance base. I'ed like to thank Fony for his guide , helped alot in makeing this clip, and Oxhorn for makeing me want to get into Machinima.Enjoy and use this info how ever you want i use it to snipe and get flag lol.

Edit:Sorry Titles supost to say "How to get on top on Allia Base in WSG!" but it was 5am and i didnt see it till it was to late.

5/27/07-File Front Stream added.
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