Stalemate (War is Hell) by lucidht
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This movie supposed to show the ferocity and emotion that is involved in war. You can fight and fight.... but in the end, who is the real winner? The war is represented by about a 35 on 35 battle, with generals, and army leaders.

It is about a 3:30 minute video that captures all that is needed. The rest is some quick credits and some fun clips from the making/after the making of the video. Believe me, we had some fun making this one.

Hope you enjoy!

By the way, this is the first of many if this video becomes popular. Characters will be created from this, voice actors will be used and a script will be created.

PS: I realize that the video may seem a little laggy. The video during some of the battle scenes is probably running at about 10-15 FPS. While I was recording this, my game was running at around 1-5 FPS because of how many spells and people were there, making it hard to focus in on people which is why the camera work may seem a little shaky. Just know that the video is running at a higher FPS rate than I was running my game at. So sorry if it seems a little laggy, but beleive me it was worse trying to record it. :)
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