Shazra - A Ballad of Fire by Shazra
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Crushridge ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
My name is Shazra and this is my very first PvP movie. My spec is a 19/42/0 deep fire.
Instead of using a "badass" intro I decided to take a different approach by realizing a melancholic RP intro which shows the tragedy of immortality and everlasting sorrow.

The movie itself consists of mostly PvP, only 1.26 min of introduction. The rest of the movie features some outdoor PvP but especially battlegrounds and 1vs2 arenas. The idea was to create a deep fire movie to make something new, considering the constant frost mage videos that were coming out when I was editing and recording this movie; well, it proved me wrong a few days ago when 2 or 3 full fire mages released their own and beat me to it.

There is a VERY mild use of engineering, no grenades or potions were used in this movie.

There is probably nothing new you'll see here, nor my intention was to create a film that tried to teach people how to play their class. I think the mage's quality standards reached their peak with players such as Vurtne but I think it will be very enjoyable and entertaining to watch. I must say that being the first time I've ever touched editing tools such as Vegas and After Effects I had a blast doing it.

Once again this film is for entertainment purposes only.

- Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles OST - I Talk to the Rain
- The Haunted - All Against All
- Drowning Pool - Step Up
- Muse - The Small Prints
- Blind Guardian - The Wizard (Cover)

----Intro's background----

A human mage, my character, was sent by the magocratic cult of the Kirin Tor to investigate and eventually retrieve the legendary Scythe of Elune, a gnarled and powerful artifact of wood which caused the opening of a parallel-dimension where the Worgen streamed out and caused the following massacre at Roland's Doom, a mine in Duskwood. Only one person survived, Jitters, the person who undirectly and unwillingly caused the death of tens by digging out this magic item absolutely unknown to him. As his journal suggests, the item's current location is unknown.

This artifact is greedly searched and craved by the Dark Riders of Deadwind Pass, that will stop at nothing to put their hands on this mystical object. One of the servants of the Dark Riders and their Master eventually found important information about its whereabouts by seducing and following the steps of a young human mage for years, and then betrayed her trust by killing her and her legacy, seen as a potential menace.

Raised as a mindless undead during the Third War and then freed by the Lich's mental power by the renegade banshee Lady Sylvanas, Shazra decided to take vengeance on her very hands, not only for the loss of her humanity, but above all for the blood-drenched murder of her son, Joshua.

For more information about the Scythe of Elune and Jitters:


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