Nerf Druids 5 : Cow Ninja of Doom by Azgaz
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
Hello again!

First off, yes, its big and its long, I suck at holding back clips :D But nobody is forcing you to download it so that shouldn't be a problem.

This time around I'm full feral so no more hybrid PVP style I'm afraid. My old spec isn't really viable in PVP nor PVE in The Burning Crusade so I had to pick a side. You can see my gear and talent points here.

About the intro :

OK , so I had this awesome idea I would make this extravagant mad ninja anime-style intro with ninjas and swords flying around which I think I handled pretty well. However, I also had the idea of using japanese voice actors to do the voices which ended up backfiring a bit and delaying the release of this movie but I did manage to get 2/3 of the required voices done so I'm not too frustrated. In the end I'm happy with the result.

About the PVP :

All PVP action was filmed entirely during patch 2.1. Movie starts out with BG action, going from AB to WSG and ending with EOTS. After that the rest is all from my 2v2 arena team Got Milk. The team was made for fun and for druids only which is a pretty "unique" setup. Needs insane timing and lots of improvising to make it work but I guess in the end, its also pretty fun :) I've included fights vs different setups to show how we deal with each situation. The plan was also to include footage from my 3v3 team which was top 1-3 in the battlegroup but unfortunately the team exploded about a month ago so no 3v3 :( Ending Season 1, Got Milk is at 2107 rating.

About the music:
Spent hours mixing and choosing the tracks so I hope I live up to your expectations;D Also, I forgot to add the name of the last track in the credits. The name is Chicane - Come Tomorrow

Please remember that this is the first time I release a full feral movie , I've always been a hybrid of sorts and you could say that I'm still adapting to this style of play. I sincerely hope you enjoy the movie and feel free to let me know what you think below :D

Super special thanks to Gedan for enduring my MSN abuse and Towneh for being the best host a cow could find!

As always you can find me on irc : Quakenet - #eu-druids , #alakir ,
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